Celebrity Failures

Celebrity Failures

Miles Davis and Lil’ Kim

Draped in a Malibu Barbie playhouse

Kim discloses some grit growl of a warning

from behind cherry lip gloss: a clean cocked

gleamed glock. Cut to the money shot.

Layer it with a highway worth of blues

traffic gridlocked by those tragic

hot blue eyes. Davis, a hurting

in between his cheeks, a hurricane

let loose in the wrong direction

scoffing at the passing lane.

His paws all amaul on Cicely,

his poorest pitch her dragged hair;

loose soil on a busted TV lip.


You bad, Kim says, frisking

power, daring a stance on teen walls

finally dropping her best jewels

like panties, you so bad. A knife

this time, turns his brilliant hand

busted. So what? he plays, melting his fans

into ecstasy and awe, incapable of critique

that catchy riff, the sound, so what? He sparks Nefertiti in a low bass smooth, a self-defense

a forestry of whole note rests. You fly, he mocks her, you so fly.


He knows. You fly, he blows.

You so fly. Her tight then tighter nose.



A slightly varied version originally appeared in Reverie, 2010 Vol. 4